Terms & Conditions

By this particular instrument of the License Agreement of Use, on the one hand "Weboox Brasil LTDA", a legal entity under private law, registered with the CNPJ under No. 13.049.493 / 0001-04, established at Rua Jequitibá, 173 - Fortaleza Ceará, hereinafter referred to as LICENSOR, and, on the other hand, the final user, individual or legal entity, hereinafter referred to as LICENSEE, have between them the parties hereby qualified, the adjustments for use and enjoyment of the Software / Script, hereinafter referred to as "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel ", By the following terms:

The purpose of this agreement is to license the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel" provided by the LICENSOR to the LICENSEE, for a period determined by the LICENSEE that, by accepting one of the plans offered by the LICENSOR, access and use the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel", generating , receiving and transmitting data and information shall agree to these terms.

The price and conditions of payment (plans) are presented on the website http://weboox.com.br, with the exception of LICENSEE proposing other plans, and with the LICENSOR excepting the acceptance or otherwise of other prices and payment terms .

1. The LICENSOR provides a byproduct of the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel" called the "White label", where there is replacement in the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel" of all the standard communication for the communication that the LICENSEE chooses. The license of this by-product is conditioned to the payment of the ADDITIONAL in the amount of $ 220.00 (two hundred and twenty) in the delivery of the product / script.
1.2. The LICENSOR will not charge the additional amount described in Paragraph One of this Clause, if the LICENSEE contracts the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel" for 1 (year) uninterrupted months, make payment of the full amount and not in installments.

OF CHANGES AND UPDATES ON "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel"
LICENSOR may, at any time, change, suspend, terminate or discontinue any aspect of the "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel", including the availability of any service, information, features or functionality. In order to do so, LICENSOR may impose limitations on certain features, functionalities or services or restrict access to parts or the entire "Weboox Converter WhiteLabel" without prior notice to the LICENSEE and without incurring any liability for any damages that the latter may suffer in its product available in the portal: www.weboox.com.br.

1.3. LICENSOR is responsible in advance for notifying the LICENSEE of the new versions of the applications / scripts and releasing their use to the LICENSEE.

1.4. The use of the system / script by the LICENSEE will be for a lifetime. Without interruptions and without impediment of the LICENSOR. LICENSOR may not charge additional amounts during any period. License will be for life time with unlimited installations. Support period will be for a period determined by the licensee.